Dispnser for solder paste, glue, liquid … V6 ;

Latest Version 6 of Dispenser 2021 model:

Here it is the new Dispenser V6b with function of adjustment of Oozing!!

The PCB is Green in V6b to be different as in V6, it is with SMT leds. There are as well other important improvements in optimisation of Torque which is Crucial for dispensing quality with respect to amount of solder paste in Syringe. More paste you have in Syringe more force is needed to press on Volume in syringe and to push paste out trough the tinny needle. Paste behaves in syringe completely different as a fluid !! REMEMBER THIS!

Users of V4, V5, V6 of my Dispenser have confirmed quality of dispensing with my solder paste dispenser with use of liquids, oil and reliability of Dispensing on numerous projects. In addition, this version V6 has upgraded usage of power of stepper motor (see video on my web page) and as well less heat from electronics and motor due to current optimisation to the motor (when no command is given to the motor- no current is used/needed).


Key Functions of Dispenser V6b:

  • 5V USB standard cable power supply,
  • Dispensing control with single finger on mini Joystick located on Dispenser PCB at Syringe neck,
  • Joystick to control & turn stepper motor (shaft left or right) and move piston in direction chosen, with auto reverse function,
  • Blue LED indicates motor rotation in any direction,
  • Stepper motor has auto reverse movement (adjustable) to prevent continues flow of paste through the needle (oozing control),
  • Auto reverse can be user adjusted with trimmer on PCB,
  • Auto reverse can be set to “0” -no auto reverse, (for liquids)
  • Stepper speed is additionally controlled with joystick: 5 speed are possible and 5 Blue LEDs indicate the set speed.
  • Auto reverse is in effect after each dispense drop to minimise oozing.
  • Very powerful stepper motor with full metal gears & tremendous pressure is used for SMD SMT solder paste compressing in syringe to flow through the needle and drop to PCB.
  • 3D printed stl files for your own print of dispenser enclosure

Power Supply needed is 5V DC – 0.5-1.0A USB mini connector. (You can use STANDARD USB cable with phone charger or computer USB port…or similar).

For more details see description, photos, videos and blog at http://wordpress.mencinger.biz/ or read more from development at: **http://www.applecture.com/electronic-dispenser-for-manual-solder-paste-application-to-pcb-for-reflow-soldering-or-hot-air-soldering-technics-53341

Visit my You Tube channel at;

Please use quality solder paste with valid pot-life from date of manufacture. Syringes stored in fridge at low temperature shall be warmed with hot air/ shrink tube gun / hair dryer / hot water…. to room temperature for better viscosity of solder paste for use with this dispenser. If you have old solder paste mix it well with flux and you can use it for testing on some old PCB.

Package includes:

V6a packing – 1pc Plastic packing Box – 1pc Dispenser PCB with Stepper Motor and build-in parts-tested as on photo (green PCB), metal shaft and piston, – 2pcs Industrial Syringe 10ml (mounted) with Lour LOCK needle output neck & one Filling Syinge,  1pc 2 way Luvre Lock Valve (blue) – 2pc Stop Plug-Cap (black) – 9 pcs plastic needles (green, blue orange) and some more needles- see picture bellow!


As well  follow “ how to start” video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC8oNOSlZEw

I would highly recommend that you DO NOT start with metal needles but with PLASTIC CONICAL outlets which are part of my supply!!

NeedleSizeStandardclick on image to enlarge!

Needle size depends on the properties of your solder paste, size of SMD-SMT footprints on PCB and work that you do..

Note: Just a few notes to make sure you get this TOY working well for you and I get my 5 stars.
For Tracking use link: http://sledenje.posta.si/   insert  tracking No. from my email – see your payment / Pay Pal email!

GENERAL to Check before dispensing: 

Make sure you have a proper supply voltage 5V DC normal – mini USB connector, and note that any voltage drop will result in less power to the stepper motor! 

Thank you again for your purchase and please let me have your feedback how it works for you by replying to me.

Monitor above word-press link for any software upgrades!

Tips, needles and adapter included in supply!

You will need to fill up USB dispenser by pushing the new paste from original syringe into Dispenser by coupling two styriges together;

Cable Tie from previous versions of Dispenser was replaced here in V6a with 3D printed part which holds the Syringe in position!

Simple 3D print version (included in supply);

STL files avalible for print & download from following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nI5TjXUlYMPwT2GSltIYQO4291H6_BBX?usp=sharing

V6b – 2021 model (3D part color is random!)

For filling up dispenser see this video>

Filling up Dispenser with paste, glue, liquid…..
Prepare your paste properly. Should look like this !


Full PCB enclosure
See bellow link for download of STL files for your 3D print
Includeded in scope of supply!
Recomended spare Dispenser Syringe (not included in scope of supply!)

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