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Weller Controller for RT Tips - Soldering controller with Display

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Product Details
: With 3D enclosure
: 49

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Price is for 1-SET of PCB assembled and tested with display - see photos

Key Functions:

Fast heat up to pre-set temperature (abt 400 deg C). Adjustable settings with Potentiometer, fully adjustable temperature up to 400 deg. C, stand-by temp. at 150 deg C (or when RT tip is in toutch with GND or switch can be used!).

Temperature setting range: 150 deg.C to 400 deg.C
Works with any Weller RT type of tip !!

Package Included:

1x Display - PCB is assembled with Display. (Assembled Digital Soldering Temperature Controller PCB (no enclosure!)).
Not included:
- Power Supply needed: 12V 4A (not in scope of supply).
- RT Tip(s) are not is scope of supply
- 3D printed Enclosure (files avalibe for your own 3D print)

Do not hesitate to ask questions!!

for SMD SMT soldering For Use With:Weller WMRP Micro Soldering Pencils; Product Range:RT Series; SVHC:No SVHC (17-Dec-2015); Accessory Type:Soldering Iron Ti (for Tips see

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