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20 March 2021

Reflow Oven Controller

Teensy 3.1 based reflow oven Controller with TFT 2.8″ touch – on screen control. Based on Teensy 3.1 takes care of the usual tasks of a reflow controller, namely running the PID loop needed to accurately control the oven’s temperature and control the heating profile. […]

4 November 2016

Older versions and more

Here is one of my first prototypes of dispenser using larger syringe 15-20ml. Works great and it is slightly larger;

2 May 2016

Old Blog about Dispensing;

It arrived! Works well. Thanks. Thanks again for chasing up and trying to get some tracking info. Hope your holiday in Indo was all you wanted. Take care, Scott nba 2k16 mt coins Thanks very practical. Will certainly share website with my good […]

22 April 2016

Feedback V4;

timberland mujer Edit | Quick Edit | Bin [Solder Paste Dispensers AIR FREE- AIR LESS] I definitely wanted to send a word in order to express gratitude to you for some of the precious ideas you are placing here. My time […]

6 February 2016

My TINDIE Shop Buyer response:

3 reviews Product: Documentation: Shipping: Communication: Reviewed By Karan Great product, fast shipping and great seller Jan. 15, 2016 Really like the product. Great shipping and packaging too. It would be great if the seller could also give some combo options to buy solder paster […]

6 February 2016

Links to other related sites;

2 February 2016

Solder paste printing process BASIC:

Basic Operation of dispenser V-0. In December Version V-1 was released! see for details!! Solder paste is typically used in a screen-printing process, in which paste is deposited over a stainless steel or polyester mask to create the desired pattern on a printed circuit […]

14 January 2016

About Dispensing V2 & V3 Video Pages :

MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL LINK: Some of uploaded videos:   Dispenser 5V USB – ISP + dispensing solder paste More accurate dispensing with added reverse auto mode movement of piston after each drop of solder paste. Valid for dispenser V3 -R1 software.HEX file on request by my Clients […]

5 December 2015

Description of V2- V3 Solder Paste Dispenser

DISPENSER for Manual solder Paste application to PCB for reflow soldering or Hot-Air Soldering technics Electronic 5V DC powered Solder paste V2 Dispenser AIR FREE /AIR LESS operation.  V2 and V3 The goal to build this Dispenser was to be as cheep as possible  and […]