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Reflow Oven Controller

Teensy 3.1 based reflow oven Controller with TFT 2.8″ touch – on screen control.

Based on Teensy 3.1 takes care of the usual tasks of a reflow controller, namely running the PID loop needed to accurately control the oven’s temperature and control the heating profile.

This Reflow Oven Controller controls your reflow oven using the attached K type temperature sensor which is located in the oven – on top of baking PCB(s).

Adjustable is Conformance to specific time and temperature profiles, necessary in order to obtain the best results for reflow, when soldering SMD components with solder paste.

  • To configure the controller parameters, you need to set apropriate Profile on TFT screen. You can monitor actual temperature by serial interface port on your PC.
  • Boards and components are heated gradually during the preheating phase. This avoids generating mechanical stresses in the board and the components.
  • After preheating, the temperature is briefly raised to just below the soldering temperature. This allows the volatile ingredients of the solder paste to escape without forming bubbles.
  • Than, the temperature is raised to the soldering temperature. The solder paste liquefies and bonds the components to the board. The soldering temperature is maintained precisely during the soldering time to prevent damage from overheating.

The controller emits an acoustic signal to mark the end of the soldering phase, you need to open the front door for cooling to start take effect.
After cooling is done, the fully soldered boards can be removed from the oven.

Typical RoHS Reflow Profile:

RoHS Reflow Profile

Adjustable TFT screen:

Touch screen controll settings!

Needed Parts for installation into the Oven:

Power supply 230V 5V DC 3A – for Controller
800-1000W_Halogen_Ring_Infrared_Heaters (2pcs one on top, one on bottom of oven)
2 pcs Solid State Relays – 8A min (110 or 230V depending on your Voltage)
Solid State Relay 24-380VAC- 10A (3-32V DC Input)